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About Us

Live a more colorful life
with a full rainbow of flavors from CHROMA tea! 

Chroma is a passion project, founded to elevate the idea of tea blends.

We believe that a blend shouldn’t just taste like the sum of its parts -
it should taste like itself. That’s why our blends are named after colors. Each teas is blended to be your companion to a mood, a feeling, or a time of day.
We believe in complex teas that bring together full engagement of the palate - flavor, aroma, texture, and aftertaste. To achieve this complexity, we carefully blend the highest quality ingredients. You won’t find any artificial flavors here - just real spices and herbs blended with real teas. Every tea is picked by small family farmers, sourced fresh & rush-shipped by the team at Verdant Tea.
We love traditional tea. A change in altitude on the mountain or a day difference in harvest time creates a beautiful diversity of flavor and taste experience, but we also firmly believe that blended teas are just as worthwhile.

Did you know? Before people were brewing looseleaf tea, they were blending it with fruits, spices, and more.  In fact, the oldest tea recipes in the world, referenced in texts like Lu Yu’s Classic of Tea, were actually blends. We want to continue this old human tradition by creating teas that are balanced and blended with respect for all of their ingredients, respect for you, and respect for the ritual role of tea in all our lives.

We’ve been blending for over a decade - first at farmer’s markets, and then for tea shops and coffee shops looking to share beautiful brews. We've blended teas for tincturing and infusing at cocktail bars, and created recipes for brewed beverages from beer to chai and kombucha. Now we are excited to share our blends directly - our love letter to the senses.

Happy sipping!